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Welcome to Ken Dela's Creative Custom Works. On this page you will find all that I can do. Anything from wall murals, custom painted helmets, paintings and some of my commission pieces I've made for clients. I love large scale works, which makes wall murals a blast to's like I get to put a painting in large scale on their living or work space. I also love painting Custom Helmets for people...nothings better than seeing one of your custom painted helmets on a baseball player during a game. One of the greatest gifts I can provide is to create a personalized custom art piece for someone. This could be a wall mural, custom helmet, custom painting, or even custom art for someone as an anniversary , birthday or memorial peace.

I am always learning and am forever a student. I feel the minute you stop learning is the minute you stop growing...not just in your craft, but also in your life.

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